APPG Primary and Community care Inquiry


The All-Party Pharmacy Group has launched an inquiry into Primary and Community care: How can service improvements be achieved and where does pharmacy fit?

The inquiry is linked to the Five Year Forward, which set out a vision of how the NHS needs to change to meet the pressures it is currently facing. The Five Year Forward therefore focuses on developing and introducing new models of primary care and out of hospital community care.

Within these new models of care, power and funding would be devolved to local leaders and local commissioning groups – allowing them greater independence and control over the healthcare services in their areas. The challenge for primary and community care is to improve efficiency, make more effective use of existing resources and to be innovative.

In some localities, but by no means all, pharmacy is already playing a more significant role in these new models of care, working alongside other healthcare professionals.  We want to learn about that experience and how it is helping improve efficiency in the NHS and reach the targets set out in the Five Year Forward View.

The APPG is therefore interested in hearing stakeholder views on what changes are required to accelerate progress in utilising the capabilities of pharmacy. We want to hear how commissioning is changing (or needs to change) in order to enable this.

Specific issues that are of interest to us in this Inquiry, and on which views would be welcome, include:

  • How pharmacy teams are working, or should be working, with other health professionals locally, with NHS commissioners, local authorities and providers in social care.
  • Examples of new models of care involving pharmacy, whether they be already active or planned.
  • How commissioning localities – especially in the vanguard sites and in Manchester - intend to develop models of care that harness the skills and expertise of pharmacists, pharmacy teams, and other healthcare professionals, and create effective pathways for patients. 
  • How commissioning is, or should be, working and whether it is delivering the kind of new approaches to care that the 5YFV calls for.  We want to identify the barriers to commissioning innovative services. We will be interested to see both good and bad examples of commissioning processes and decisions, although we will not take a view or intervene on individual cases.
  • Whether the knowledge and skills of pharmacists, pharmacy teams, and other healthcare professionals being utilised effectively in discussions and decisions around commissioning, both local and nationally.
  • What commissioners, NHS organisations and patient voices need and expect from providers in primary and community care, in particular (but not exclusively) pharmacy, and what more pharmacy could be doing to deliver improved services and outcomes for patients.


While there will be a focus on the role which pharmacy can play within these new models of care the APPG will be seeking views from all stakeholders to get a broader understanding of the current areas where the environment is working well and also where the challenges and barriers lie. Any interested party is welcome to submit written evidence. Such submissions should be as brief as possible and contain an executive summary.

All evidence must be submitted to by Tuesday 15th December 2015.


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Equiries must be submitted by Tuesday 15th December 2015

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