Welcome to the All-Party Pharmacy Group

The All-Party Pharmacy Group was formed in December 1999. Our statement of purpose, agreed at our inaugural meeting is as follows:

To raise awareness of the profession of pharmacy, and to promote pharmacists' current and potential contribution to the health of the nation.

Upcoming Event


The APPG is holding an evidence session with National Voices, Carers UK and the Local Government Association (LGA).

Latest News

11 May 2016
Dr Keith Ridge clarification

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We are committed to inquiring into issues of current interest and significance for pharmacy, patients and the NHS. We have chosen to adopt some of the principles of operation that select committees of the House use. We hold meetings and investigations into current issues, inviting expert speakers to explain their views to us.

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Recent Activity

  • Dr Keith Ridge clarification on dispensing error rates in community pharmacy vs. automated systems.
  • APPG evidence session with LGA, Carers UK and National Voices
  • APPG held an Evidence Session with Alistair Burt and Keith Ridge. Click here for more details.
  • APPG held an Evidence Session with RPS, PV and PSNC. Click here for more details

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